Soft-Set Glaze

Soft-Set Glaze

Soft-Set Glaze

Skill Level: Novice | Time: 5min

Elevate any cake with this pretty glaze that's just poured over the cake!

Icing Sugar Glaze (English Glace Icing)

1 cup icing sugar + Few drops Lime Juice (or water)

Mix a cup of icing sugar with a few drops of lime juice. Add the lime juice very slowly, you'll be amazed at how little it takes. Mix vigorously. Pour over the cooled cake. Leave on the kitchen counter (outside the fridge) for 5 -10 min. The glaze will 'set' to a soft crust.

Note: If you don't have icing sugar, make your own!
Icing sugar = 1 cup normal table sugar (powdered in the mixie/ spice grinder) + 1/2 tsp cornflour. Sift the powdered sugar and cornflour together, and you've got icing sugar! You can substitute Tapioca flour or Arrowroot flour if you're avoiding corn flour. ZERO CORN icing sugar in seconds!


Lemon glaze: Lime juice + lemon zest

Orange Glaze: Orange juice (strained) + zest

Vanilla Glaze: Water + 1-2 drops Vanilla essence

Bourbon/Whisky/Rum Glaze: Few drops of the good stuff! Best with Chocolate cake

Cinnamon Glaze: add 1/4 tsp of fine ground cinnamon to the icing and add water. Best with Coffee Cake

Mava/ Masala Chai Glaze: add 1/4 tsp of elichi powder/ chai masala + water for a distinct mava/ chai feel. Best with vanilla cake base.


There are tons of other flavour combos. What about a ginger-orange glaze? Or a almond glaze with almond essence? I'd love to hear what you've tried! Share in the comments below :)


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