1. What does a Serapheena Gluten Free Cake Mixe taste like?
    Our Gluten Free Mixes are made with Jowar and Sweet Potato Flour. Jowar and Sweet Potato are both highly nutritious ingredients and have a neutral flavour. When you make a Serapheena Gluten Free cake, the flavour is identical to a “normal” cake. This makes it easier to give fussy kids or fussy adults.

    Texture: The Gluten free mixes made with eggs have a light fluffy texture with a moist, melt in the mouth feel.

    The eggless cakes will be denser and more fudgy… and will still be delicious and decadent without the guilt! If you want a fluffy eggless cake, add a little soda and vinegar (see below)


  1. Can I make a fluffy Eggless Gluten Free Cake?
    To any Gluten Free cake mix (Not Keto Mix) add When made without eggs (Eggless/ Vegan) the same fluffy texture can be obtained by adding baking soda and vinegar to the batter. Add a pinch of soda to a mug cake, or ½ tsp to a 6” cake or 1 tsp to a 8” cake.


  1. What is sweet potato flour?
    Farm fresh sweet potatoes are boiled, peeled and dehydrated to form a powder. This powder contains all the benefits of sweet potato in terms of nutrition. Tasted on its own, it tastes exactly like sweet potato. In the cake mix, sweet potato makes the cake moist and delicious and allows us to make a cake without eggs.


  1. What is raw cane sugar?
    Where refined sugar is highly processed and uses many harmful chemicals, Raw Cane Sugar contains no chemicals. This is not pure white like refined sugar because it contains natural minerals and antioxidants that are good for you.

    How is Raw Cane Sugar Made?
    Sugarcane juice is boiled to make a thick syrup. This thick syrup can be used to make gud, or it can be dehydrated (remove the water by spinning it in a machine) to make raw cane sugar (also called Khandsari sugar).

    What does Raw Cane Sugar Taste Like?
    When you open the sachet of Raw Cane Sugar in a Serapheena box, it has the mild smell of “Ganne ka juice”, or “gud”.


  1. Why are there 2 separate sachets in the Gluten Free 6” & 8” Cake Mix box?
    Each box of Serapheena Gluten Free (Jowar & Sweet Potato Flour) Cake mix has 2 sachets inside – one sachet of cake mix, and the other of Raw Cane Sugar. Keeping the Sugar separate has many benefits:
    • If you are diabetic, you can substitute the raw cane sugar with a sweetener of your choice.
    • If your family likes things “Less Sweet” you can adjust the sugar and use less.
    • If you want to make the cake even more healthy, you can use Honey instead of raw cane sugar provided (100g honey in any 6” Gluten Free mix).


  1. Can Serapheena Gluten Free Cakes be made EGGLESS? PURE VEG?
    Yes, Serapheena ALL Serapheena Gluten Free cakes can be made 100% vegetarian.  To get a fluffy texture in your eggless cakes, add baking soda and vinegar to the batter. Add a pinch of soda to a mug cake, or ½ tsp to a 6” cake or 1 tsp to a 8” cake.


  1. Can I make Serapheena Cakes in the Pressure Cooker?
    Yes! ALL Serapheena Cakes can be made in the cooker. We’ve even heard of it being made in an Air Frier (though we’ve not tried this ourselves) Simply follow the same method you would use for any other cooker cake mix! For detailed instructions Click HERE.


  1. What does a Serapheena KETO Sugarfree Cake taste like?
    Made with fine blanched Almond Flour (or Badam Powder) that we import from  California, this flour is made from California Almonds that are blanched, defatted and powdered to a very fine, loose consistency that has a sweet, neutral flavour. Our Almond Cakes DO NOT taste of almond essence or like Almond cakes sold in bakeries.

    These mixes are made specifically for the Keto/ Diabetic audience whose palate is accostumed to not having sugar. Therefore these cakes tase ‘less sweet’ when compared to store-bought confectionaries.


  1. What is the Sweetener used in the Keto Sugar Free Cake Mix?
    We use Erythritol to sweeten our Keto Almond Flour Cakes. It is a plant based sweetener that contains just 0.6 calories per 100g.


  1. Can Serapheena KETO Sugar Free Cakes be made EGGLESS? PURE VEG?
    No, Serapheena Keto Almond Flour Cakes need to have eggs. However, you can make an excellent Eggless Fudge using the Keto Mix by adding curd and butter. See Recipe Here.


  1. What is the Serapheena Promise?
    All our mixes are made under our supervision in our dedicated gluten free facility. All our products have the following promise:
    • Zero Maida, Zero wheat flour.
    • No Preservatives. No harmful chemicals
    • No Xanthan Gum (this is present in ALL other gluten free mixes)
      • WHAT IS XANTHAN GUM? Xanthan Gum is also shown as “E415” in the ingredients list. This is a thickening, binding and stabilizing agent used in gluten free baking to mimic the effects of gluten. Xanthan Gum can give an upset stomach, bloating and gas. People with allergies can have nose and throat irritations.
    • We are a “Clean Label” Company. That means that we do not hide behind code numbers. Our Ingredients are easy to read and understand, and we have no harmful chemicals, emulsifiers or preservatives.
    • We use only the best, most healthy ingredients that have been tested and shown to be gluten free.
    • All Serapheena cakes can be made in just a few minutes the Microwave or the Oven.


  1. Can you custom make gift hampers for corporates/ events?
    Yes! We work closely with corporates and individual clients to come up with custom gifting solutions for them. Just send us an email and we’ll get back to you!