So good. So easy.

What if you could have cake everyday?
Wake up to the aroma of muffins in the oven.
Give your kids a healthy snack.
Treat yourself to a dessert that won't make you feel guilty?

Sounds good. But you don't.
Because it's not easy. Weigh this measure that and the inevitable panicked run to the store because you've run out of some ingredient.

Baking cake can be tough.
Serapheena makes it easy.

But cake is only for special occasions.

Yes it is. But if the last year has taught me anything, it's that everyday we spend with those we love is special. And in these stressful times, the aroma of freshly baked cake wafting through the house is enough to put everyone in a good mood. Even in the middle of zoom calls and homeschooling.

But it's complicated. Messy. And you've already got tons of cleaning up to do.

So what if you could make cake in one step. In one bowl. Whisk by hand. And pop it in the microwave.
Something that's not too big. That you can enjoy over tea without over-indulging.

Sounds tempting... But what about health?

Normal cake mixes are packed with refined sugar, maida or white rice flour. Worse still, they're filled with chemicals and preservatives. You don't want to be eating empty calories. You need something that can deliver on taste and nutrition.

So we came up with a mix that delivers on both. It's so good, that unless you tell them, no one will know it's Gluten-Free. And it's packed with nutrition dense superfoods like jowar, sweet potato and unrefined raw cane sugar.

If you're diabetic, on keto, or want a sugar-free option, check out our keto almond flour cake mixes. They're made with 100% super fine California almond flour, and sweetened with a plant based sweetener.

So now you can rekindle your love of baking.
Wake up to the smell of fresh muffins, or end a tiring day with a quick mug cake for two.

Fill your house with the aromas of love. And bake a cake in minutes. In one bowl. In the microwave, oven or cooker.

Just like that.

When we say it's
So good. So easy.
We mean it.