Best. Frosting. Ever.

Best. Frosting. Ever.

Best. Frosting. Ever.

My secret to homemade soft, rich cream cheese (and frosting), without breaking the bank!

Yield : 2 cups | Prep Time: 10min 

Bake Time: None

Here's how you can make cream cheese at home, without breaking the bank!

Cheese made from milk = Paneer
Fat made from milk = butter
Cream Cheese = Paneer + Butter (yes it really is that simple)

There's a few tips you need to know to make it the smoothest most delicate cream cheese, but the recipe is really easy to master and takes just a few minutes. The flavour is indistinguishable from the real deal!


200g Fresh Paneer, not frozen.
50g butter + a pinch of salt
200g icing sugar (or sweetener for Keto/diabetic)
3-4 drops of Vanilla essence (optional)


Step 1: Make Paneer by warming 1 litre of milk and curdling it using either vinegar or lime juice. Then hang it in a fine muslin cloth to drain the whey. 1 litre of milk = approximately 200g fresh paneer.

OR if you're lazy like me, just get fresh paneer from the local dairy - it's still way cheaper than cream cheese!  Do not use Frozen Paneer.


Step 2: Using the blender attachment in your mixie (or spice grinder), put in the paneer and 50g of butter. 

Step 3: Blend. Stop. Blend. Stop. Open the top and check. If it seems grainy, blend a bit more. 

Cream Cheese is ready. 

Please repeat after me - this is cream cheese. You can use it for ANYTHING, cheese cake/ desserts/ keto pudding / spreads. 

For a savory option, try this plain on toast, or add mixed Italian herbs and one clove of garlic (yes, just ONE clove not more!) and blend again to get a herb garlic spread that is just divine! 

Mmmmm... And now... Cream Cheese Frosting!

Step 4: In that same mixie jar, add 150g icing sugar and blend well. You could sift it, but I never do and it's fine. Only if your icing has large hard lumps should you bother with sifting.

After the first blend, taste it and see if its sweet enough. Add the remaining 50g of icing sugar only if you really need it. Remember, sugar acts as a liquid in recipes, so adding more sugar will make the frosting more runny. 

If you're on KETO or want to make this frosting sugar free, simply add a little bit of sweetener of your choice to the cream cheese. All sweeteners are different, so add a little at a time until you're happy with the result!

 The frosting is now ready to be slathered on to a delicious carrot cake or  cinnamon apple muffins. You can use a box of Serapheena Vanilla Pound or Cinnamon Spice Cake mix to make these cakes!

If you're on KETO, Use the Serapheena Almond Flour Vanilla Victoria cake mix.

If you're making it before hand, frost the cake and then keep it in the fridge. Indian summers will make your frosting runny and melty.

TIP: I would just slather/ spread on this type of frosting. If you're planning to make pretty flowers and fancy piping, this frosting might not work. But hey, you could always try my Super Simple Buttercream Icing! 

Frosting can be made up to a week beforehand. Store in an airtight container in the chiller section of your fridge (not freezer). Simply allow to come to room temperature and beat with a spoon before using on the cake.

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