Stick a fork in it, you’re done!

Stick a fork in it, you’re done! A quick guide to Timing your Bake:

The key to getting the bake time right is to Understand your Oven
All ovens are different. And this results in a faster or slower bake.
Ovens from fast to slow:
‘Convection ovens’ or ‘fan forced’ ovens (the kind that usually have in a microwave) have a heating element and a fan that blows the hot air around inside the oven. This can result in a faster bake time, so that’s the lower end of our 24 to 27 min range… and you should probably check to see that your cake is baked at around 22 minutes.
Standard ovens: Have a top and bottom heating-element. Generally, I would use both heating elements to make a cake to ensure even baking from the top and bottom.

Tiny OTG (Oven toaster grills)
My first oven was an OTG, and boy, it did everything! But there were a few tricks to getting things right. Never bake directly on the tray provided in the OTG. Always put your cakes (and breads for that matter) on a separate baking tray.
Try to keep the cake as centered as possible.

A note on Over Baking:
If you find that your cakes usually end up over baked on the bottom, make a water bath. If they are over baked on top, take 2 layers of aluminum foil and make a little lid for your bake. If they end up perfectly baked, but the dome is always off to one side – check the legs of your oven. Either the oven, or the shelf it’s sitting on is lopsided.
If you’ve ended up with an over-baked cake, here’s 3 quick recipes to rescue your desert!

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