Skinny Girls Eat Cake!

Low Calorie Fat Substitutes for a Serapheena Cake Mix

Here’s a guide to low calorie substitutions for the oil or butter content in any of the Serapheena cakes. These tips are mainly for the Jowar Sweet Potato cakes. For the Almond Flour cakes only Thick Yoghurt will work.

  1. Thick yoghurt: This is a really good, zero-effort fat substitute. Just make sure you use the thick part of the yoghurt, not the whey. Unflavoured Greek yoghurt (hung curd) is best. Substitute the same amount of yoghurt for fat in the recipe (100g curd = 100g butter). Since these cakes do not have the fat that keeps cakes moist over a long period of time,I’d suggest making and serving them on the same day.
  2. Apple puree: This is a fantastic substitute for fat, but it requires a little effort. Peel and chop a 2 apples and pressure-cook them with a little water for 10 minutes or until soft. Remove any water left in the cooker and use it later to sprinkle on the cake. Mash the apples to form a thick puree and use 1 cup apple puree to replace 100g butter. Or 4 tablespoons to replace the oil called for in the eggless recipe.
  3. Mashed Banana: An interesting distinctly banana-y flavor accompanies these cakes, but hey, if you don’t mind, great! I would substitute only half the fat for banana. So 50g butter + ½ a mashed banana. Or 2 tbsp oil + 2 tbsp mashed banana.
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