Serapheena is a line of QUICK HEALTHY DELICIOUS Gluten Free Cake Mixes.

ALL Serapheena mixes have the following promise:

  • Zero Maida, Zero wheat flour.
  • No Preservatives or harmful chemicals,
  • No Xanthan Gum (this is present in ALL other gluten free mixes)
    • WHAT IS XANTHAN GUM? Xanthan Gum is also shown as “E415” in the ingredients list. This is a thickening, binding and stabilizing agent used in gluten free baking to mimic the effects of gluten. Xanthan Gum can give an upset stomach, bloating and gas.People with allergies can have nose and throat irritations.
  • We are a “Clean Label” Company. That means that we do not hide behind code numbers. Our Ingredients are easy to read and understand, and we have no harmful chemicals.
  • We have only the best, most healthy ingredients that have been tested and shown to be gluten free.
  • All Serapheena cakes can be made in just a few minutes the Microwave or the Oven.
  1. SERAPHEENA JOWAR AND SWEET POTATO CAKE MIXES(JSP) are made with Jowar and Sweet Potato Flour. Jowar and Sweet Potato are both highly nutritious ingredients and have a neutral flavour. When you make a Serapheena JSP cake, the flavour is almost identical to a normal cake. This makes it easier to give fussy kids or fussy adults.
    1. WHAT IS SWEET POTATO FLOUR?Freshsweet potatoes from the farm are boiled, peeled and dried to form a powder. This powder contains all the benefits of sweet potato in terms of nutrition. Tasted on its own, it tastes exactly like sweet potato. In the cake mix, sweet potato makes the cake moist and delicious and allows us to make a cake without eggs.

Each box of Serapheena JSP Cake mix has 2 sachets inside – one sachet of cake mix, and the other of Raw Cane Sugar. Keeping the Sugar separate has many benefits:

  1. If you are diabetic, you can substitute the raw cane sugar with a sweetener of your choice.
  2. If your family likes things “Less Sweet” you can adjust the sugar and use less.
  • If you want to make the cake even more healthy, you can use Honey instead of raw cane sugar provided (100g honey in any JSP mix).
  1. WHAT IS RAW CANE SUGAR?Where normal refined sugar is highly processed and uses many harmful chemicals, Raw Cane Sugar contains no chemicals.This is not pure white like refined sugar because it contains natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are good for you.

HOW IS RAW CANE SUGAR MADE? Sugarcane juice is boiled to create a thick syrup. This thick syrup can be used to make gud, or it can be dehydrated (remove the water by spinning it in a machine) to make raw cane sugar (also called Khandsari sugar).

WHAT DOES RAW CANE SUGAR TASTE LIKE?When you open the sachet of Raw Cane Sugar in a Serapheena box, it has the mild smell of “Ganne ka juice”, or “gud”.

  1. CAN JSP CAKES BE MADE WITHOUT EGGS? PURE VEG? Yes, Serapheena JSP cakes can be made 100% vegetarian.
  1. SERAPHEENA ALMOND FLOUR CAKE MIXES are made with almond flour (Badam ka Powder). When you look at the sachet of Serapheena Almond Flour cake mix it is 100% Almond Flour. There are no fillers like sunflower powder, flaxseed powder or coconut powder which are present in ALL competing brands of Keto cakes. Like all Serapheena cakes, this mix also has Zero preservatives, zero Xanthan Gum, zero maida and is 100% gluten free.
    1. WHY USE ALMOND FLOUR? Almond Flour is low in carbohydrates and rich in natural good fats, vitamins and minerals. This makes it the best solution for people on Low Carb Diets (like KETO) and for diabetics.
    2. WHAT TYPE OF ALMOND FLOUR? We use almond flour imported from California. The processing technology for almond flour ensures that it is perfect for baking. (Indian badam powder that is used by halwa makers is not suitable for baking).
    3. WHAT IS THE NATURAL SWEETENER USED? We use Erytheritol as a Natural Low Calorie Sweetener. Erytheritol is extracted from corn. It is used exactly like sugar, but it is not absorbed by the body, hence it is zero calorie.
    4. WHAT DOES AN TASTE LIKE? A cake made with almond flour is light, fluffy and has much more moisture than a normal maida cake. IT DOES NOT taste like Indian Badam Cookies. It tastes exactly like a normal cake.

Serapheena Jowar and Sweet Potato cake mixes are 100% pure Veg. Because they contain Raw cane sugar, they are also suitable for those following a VEGAN DIET.

WHAT IS A VEGAN DIET? People who follow the vegan diet believe that our reliance on Animal Products is cruel to animals and is harmful for the planet. They are pure vegetarian, and do not consume any products that have an animal origin. This means that they do not have milk or diary products (comes from cows), They do not have honey (comes from bees) and they do not have refined white sugar (because a chemical from animal bones is used to process sugar to make it white). Most Vegans will not wear woolen clothes (comes from sheep) or leather shoes.

WHAT CAN VEGANS EAT?They can eat all fruits, grains and vegetables. They can eat Raw Cane Sugar, and can eatoil, or margarine (that is butter made from sunflower). This means that Serapheena Jowar and Sweet Potato cakes are suitable for those following the VEGAN lifestyle.

The KETOGENIC (KETO) diet is a LOW CARB, HEALTHY FAT diet. It has many health benefits and has been proven to lower blood sugar and insulin levels. In this diet, people consume very minimal amounts of carbohydrates. They do not eat carb heavy foods like rice, wheat, sugar, potatos, bananas, grains, pulses, fruits etc. They instead consume haigher amounts of fats, green vegetables and protiens. This moves the body into a state of “Ketosis” that means burning stored body fat, resulting in efficient weight loss.  Ketosis has been shown to improve mental health, lower blood sugar and reduce weight.

Ranges are as follows:

JSP Vanilla Pound Cake – Vanilla Cake
JSP Cocoa Heaven – Chocolate Cake
JSP Espresso Coffee – Coffee Cake
AF Vanilla Victoria – Vanilla Sponge Cake
AF Dark Cocoa – Dark Chocolate Cake

Recipie is on the box.

  • YEALD: EACH BOX can make one 6 inch round cake (equal to one ½ kg cake in the market)OR you can make 8 large cupcakes or 20 mini cupcakes.
  • TIME:If made in the microwave, from the time you open the box to the time you eat your cake it is LESS THAN 10 minutes.If made in the oven, it is ready in LESS than 40 minutes.
  • EQUIPMENT: There is no special equipment needed to make a serapheena cake – ALL other cake mixes (Betty Crocker, Pillsbury) need an Electric mixer.
  • SKILL LEVEL: Even someone who has never baked a cake in their life can easily make this cake.

249 for JSP and 449 for AF.

There are 3 places where you can buy Serapheena Cake Mixes:

Online: Amazon, Big Basket.
Chains: Nature’s Basket, Food Hall
Local Banya Stores: Available in 330 stores across 12 cities.

What is Gluten?
Gluten is a type of protein present in wheat that makes it elastic and stretchy. If you’ve ever watched RumaliRotis (or pizza dough) being made, that stretchy texture is provided by gluten.

Why is it bad?
Many people are gluten intolerant. This means that the body cannot digest gluten resulting in bloating, gas, diarrhea and constipation.
In the old days this was frequently misdiagnosed as GERD or ulcers.

Celiac Disease is a severe form of Gluten Intolerance and requires medical diagnosis.

What’s the good news?
The Indian diet is filled with healthy whole grain options, like Jowar, Ragi, and Rice; that are all gluten free.
And with Serapheena’s 100% certified gluten free products, being Gluten free is easy and healthy!

What is Veganism?

People who follow a vegan lifestyle believe that our reliance on Animal Products is cruel to animals and is harmful for the planet. Vegans are pure vegetarian, and do not consume any products that have an animal origin. This means no diary products (comes from cows), no honey (comes from bees), and no refined white sugar (a chemical derived from animal bones is used to make it).Strict Vegans will not wear woolen clothes (comes from sheep) or leather shoes.

Raw Cane Sugar used in Serapheena Cake Mixes is 100% Vegan Friendly

Thank you for Saving our Planet!

With all the restrictions in a Vegan diet, you deserve a special treat,
so go ahead and make a SerapheenaJowar and Sweet Potato cake. You deserve it!

What is the Ketogenic Diet?

Also known as the High Fat, Low Carb diet, people consume minimal carbs and replace it with healthy fats (like almonds), protein and green vegetables.

How does it Work?

Think of your body as a hybrid car with 2 sources of fuel – 1st the food (carbs) that you eat, and 2nd stored body fat. The keto diet tricks the body into going into a state of Ketosis (similar to when you are fasting). This forces the body to burn stored fat, resulting in weight loss. This diet has been used in the treatment of cholesterol, diabetes, mental health issues and epilepsy.

Try Serapheena’s KETO Almond Flour cake mixes