One evening I happened to mention to an old friend of mine that I had an idea for healthy cake and bread mixes. It had been a hectic play-date with our 3 toddlers running rampant all over the house. The kids were asleep and it was finally grown-up time.
She is one of the largest distributors in the country and I was keen to pick her business brain to see if my little idea might actually work. When I mentioned it to her, she smiled… she had also had the same idea, but didn’t know anyone who could create the recipes.
Our casual post-dinner conversation quickly turned into a full-fledged business plan. We formed the company, tested recipes and ingredients, followed international health trends, and of course baked.
Together we have been forced to step out of our comfort zones and push the boundaries of the traditional wisdom that dominates the bakery mix business.
They said a cake mix has to have preservatives. No. It doesn’t. We have lab reports to prove it.

A Gluten free cake mix has to have rice flour (in our minds, that’s the same empty calories as maida). This is only if you want to use cheap ingredients. We decided to use Jowar and Almond flour.
A gluten free cake must have Xanthan Gum. Nope. Not if you’ve got a super special recipe (like we do!)
No detail has been overlooked in our attempt to bring a product line that meets the highest standards. From responsibly sourced, nutrient-rich ingredients to BPO-free packaging, and clean label, non-GMO, preservative-free mixes, we have worked long and hard to create a brand that stands for easy healthy solutions to everyday cravings, and fulfills the basic Serapheena promise: So Good. So Easy.
It’s meant sleepless nights and 5am bakes, but I can’t complain. Life is good when you get to eat cake as part of your job description!

Love and happy baking,